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New Beginnings

By albcusto62275886, Nov 1 2017 08:16PM

So, I've been contemplating how to start my blog. I wondered if I should make it funny or serious, maybe a little quirky or full of really wonderful, colorful, amazing words. What I decided was to just tell you a little about me, my store and the journey we are on.....

I am Aimee, and I am the owner of I've Been Framed. I've worked at the store for almost 14 years now and have been the store owner for just about a year and a half. I was on the road to being a nurse when I made the decision to buy the business from my mom. She was ready to retire and I knew I could make that happen, so I did. I was not leaving the framing business because I didn't like what I was doing, it just felt like it would have been a great time to start something new and try a new line of work (I have worked retail for over two decades). On June 13th, 2016, I became the proud owner of I've Been Framed. I knew that my journey with the store would be different than my mother's, but didn't know how. The framing side of the business was the main business and it wasn't going to change, but the gift shop was another story. See, one of the biggest reasons I wanted to go in to nursing was to have the ability to do great works through Missions Trips. Now, how was I going to use my world as it was to help others around the world??? Not a great need for framing in under-developed countries. This thought, as well as many prayers led me to the world of fair trade. Fair trade? What is that? All I knew is that it had a purpose. I didn't know much about the purpose, but I knew I had to dig deeper and figure it out. And, I did. The more I learned about the Fair Trade movement, the more I needed it to be part of my store, so I set out to make the change. Fair trade means that the products are made by artisans around the world who are paid a fair wage, given safe working conditions, and are organic, sustainable and ethical. I was particualarly drawn to the aspect of working with woman and toward the goal of gender equality. I now have a 2,000 sq ft gift shop brimming with the artwork of people from every corner of the world. I love it! My heart shakes and shivers with joy every time I get to order more products and help more and more people to have homes, clean water, safe living conditions and sending their children to school. Please check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (links at the top of the page) and help us help the people making a difference! Give gifts that give back!

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